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SHINDIG!: The Band

SHiNDiG! A Tribute to the '60s! the premier ‘60s band in Chicagoland, always delivers an entertaining trip back to the greatest and most diverse decade of rock and roll music. Covering over 80 different bands from that period in time where music told the story of an entire generation  -  Early '60s, British Invasion, Girl Groups, Pop, Psychedelic, Woodstock,  are all part of the show!
SHiNDiG! was formed over 10 years ago with a simple goal of taking their audiences back to the highly diverse and fun music scene of the 1960s. Their song selection, dress and even instrumentation are all geared to help immerse everyone in that time period. The band chooses songs that are familiar from top artists as well as some not so well know bands that may have been ‘one hit wonders’. And the band uses its five different vocalists to help keep the show even more diverse and entertaining.


Featuring songs by The Beatles, The Monkees, The Rolling Stones, Dusty Springfield, Linda Ronstadt, Herman's Hermits, Neil Diamond, The Mamas and Papas, Sonny and Cher and the best 'girl groups', SHiNDiG! recreates "true to the originals" renditions of the 45's played on AM radio during this decade of great music, including a long list of great dance tunes.  And the unique, period look of the band mirrors each set of music that they deliver adding to that feeling of being immersed in the '60s music scene!
All the band members are also avid ‘60s music fans and have been involved in the Chicago music scene for decades. Although the band’s home base is Chicago, SHiNDiG! has performed at events including theaters and outdoor festivals in Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin, Indiana and Iowa including performing with artists from Herman’s Hermits, Jay and the Americans, The Shadows of Night and recently opening for Chicagoland’s most successful ‘60s band, The Buckinghams!

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